About Us

Meet The JJs, your True American Fun hosts

The JJs at True American Fun's Party in Boca Raton
Jenniffer Lee

Jenniffer is a small business owner in Palm Beach County. She also hosts a local grief support group.

John Fischer

John is a retired Captain at Palm Beach County Fire Rescue. He performs a 3 minute "I Am The Nation" monologue at patriotic events throughout the area.

About us:

We help proud Americans with traditional values meet like-minded people at fun events, so they can easily find new friends, business contacts, or even a special someone, to live their best life, surrounded by the right people with a sense of community.

We are not focused on any particular political affiliation or candidate, nor any particular religious belief, group or sect -- all Americans with traditional values are welcome.

Like-minded people
  • love America!
  • want to have fun!
  • respect our flag!
  • stand for our Anthem!
  • support our military and law enforcement!
  • kneel for our fallen!
  • believe the American Dream is possible with hard work and dedication!
  • treat others with respect, regardless of their beliefs!
  • contribute to society, whether through hard work, charity or spreading kindness!
  • are honest and trustworthy!
  • value a sense of community and enjoy true fellowship with others!
Ways you can help