Fun American Facts

  • The US has the 4th longest river system in the world.

  • Washington DC wasn't always the capitol.

  • There is a city name Boring and it is located in Oregon.

  • The American flag has 27 versions.

  • George Washington was not the first face on the $1 bill. The first face was that of Salmon Chase, the Secretary of Treasury in 1862, when it was issued.

  • The Statue of Liberty was a gift given to celebrate 100 years of Franco-American friendship.

  • Some states have more cows than people.

  • Hundreds of copies of the Declaration of Independence were made but only 26 survive today.

  • Abraham Lincoln was the tallest president. He was six foot, four inches tall.

  • Harvard with the first university in the US.

  • The Statue of Liberty isn't really in New York. It is technically in New Jersey.

  • The world's longest boardwalk is in Atlantic City. It is about four and a half miles long.

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