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Get your business in front of THOUSANDS of proud Americans! Sponsoring an event gives you great exposure for your business, while helping us keep the cost of attendance lower for our guests. Sponsors are featured permanently on our website along with the photos of the event. The event description and ticket sale page for our July 29th event has already over 1100 page views from the marketing we did to promote the event with email blasts, social media ads, printed flyers, word of mouth and more, PLUS the hits keep coming with the after-event emails and buzz. We are growing, so those web hits will get higher and higher, PLUS sponsors are visible in our marketing and displayed at our events, in addition to being on our website in various places! We have three packages to choose from, offering different levels of exposure. If you are interested in sponsoring an event, please complete our Sponsor Information Form. If you have questions, please email us at

Sponsor Information Form

Prize Sponsor

When you provide a prize for our raffles, you will be announced at the event and featured on the event's

Website Sponsor - $50

As a website sponsor, you will be featured here

  • you products and services will be seen my thousands of proud Americans

Pop-Up Party Sponsor - $150

As a pop-up sponsor, you will be featured on the event's

Event Sponsor - $250

As an event sponsor, you will be featured on the event's

Premier Sponsor - $500

As a premier sponsor, your logo will be displayed on an 8 foot x 8 foot banner at the event's photo station, which is captured in tons pictures that appear all over the internet in many social media posts, in our posts and in posts by attendees. (The banner is shown in the photos below. Check out our July 29th event to see the banner in more photos.) You will also be featured on the event's

Below is the 8' x 8' banner from our July 29th event. More photos with this banner can be found on our July 29th event's gallery page.